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Ship Registry System | Rig Loader Solutions


Take your ship
Registry to next level

SRS is a cloud-based Vessel Registration & Fleet Management Software for Maritime Administrations and Flag States. SRS has been designed to manage all the key business functions of a Ship Registry, providing a central database to help registries run more efficiently, reduce costs and provide a first-class service to customers and stakeholders.SRS is a secure cloud-based software for managing the Maritime Administration with tools to cater for vare

Rig Loader System

Rig Loader system is an ideal system for the commercial vessels to determine the Intact Stability, Damage Stability and Longitudinal Stability. Rig loader is meticulously developed in accordance with IACS Req. 2004/Rev. 2 2006, L5, and owner requirements. The system handles complex calculation based on the input parameters and provides a numerical and graphical out put.Users provide loading data, and the software delivers comprehensive calculations for various parameters, including:

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